Archive September 2018

How does it work


It bases on the use of accelerating vibration systems: the detector which is put on the work, collects the action’s feedback produced by the worker in real time. The sample is then sent to an analysing system which quantifies and qualifies the produced action. The accuracy level can be chosen according to the function and the system has no sensitivity limits.

The applications are various and are modular for all requirements: the sensors, for example, can be used in series for a simultaneous survey on the produced work or on different workstations.


  • The system does not only read the before and the after, but it also watches inside of the working time window, where the stamping systems are not. It analyses scientifically the action: times, type of action (manual or automatic), partition in action categories; these are just some of the possible analyses that this system offers.
  • It works independently in real time underlining the areas that need some upgrading, piloting towards the correcting actions even before the process is concluded in order to optimize the efficiency of a working process or of a single phase during the working process; unbearable supplement of a producing detection.
  • It can be used in any context (by large industries and small craftsmen)
  • It is scalable and conceptually very simple
  • It can interact with any management system
  • It is seen as a useful complement during negotiations with the final customer
  • It is not monitoring the worker itself, but the effect of his action (protecting the worker’s privacy).