Professionals in the automotive sector, Marco Lanza and Luca Federici wanted to unite their skills to jump into an ambitious and innovative project: the realisation of a system for detecting, analysing e piloting the productivity in the automotive sector.

Fortified by a ten-year old experience in consulting/management on this sector and on the sector of engineering development and optimisation of the manufacturing processes, they created a concrete method that allows us to take advantage of the unexpressed potential of the automotive assistance.

They wanted an efficient and independent system that is usable by everybody and is able to “see” in detail the real working times steering the operator’s action towards new efficiency levels by overtaking the current limits: the DMS borders were too far away from the objective.

Supported by the co-inventor Giovanni Trevisiol, an expert in the Iot and AI sector, and after having tested different methods, they invented an integrated system of hardware + software, today covered by a European Patent for Industrial Invention no. EP 2 350 978 B1.

Giovanni Trevisiol

Giovanni Trevisiol

The tested prototype has passed all expected objectives and is now ready to all possible analysis that are offered by the articifial intelligence, spreading out to every manufacturing reality with human action.


The patent is now available for sale or any possible commercial agreements.